Rainy Rennes

Last week when, I was cycling home from work, I had to stop despite the rain to take this pic. I’ve adjusted the saturation on the photo but only so that it looks as I experienced it at the time!

It does rain a lot here. But that’s not always ‘a bad thing’.

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  1. Dawn Says:

    Hi Mark!

    What sumptuous foto. Glad you stopped.

    Greetings from your city by the Bay…or the city across the Bay where your city is…

    I am finally openingt up and getting into contact with the web of friends from the past couple of years.

    It’s good to visit a weblog that is so active. You’ve inspired me to get over my inertia and post.

    Life in the past 6 months? Arrive in Texas; Visit California; Return visit to Texas& goodbye to friends and family again; Move to California; Vini decides to defer LSE; I get a job at large public hospital in SF; my Father gets really ill; Back to Texas to put Dad in hospice; Dad dies on National Coming Out Day (no coincidence!!!); back to California; work, live, laugh, cry, love; try to make sense of life of privelege, comfort & relative disconnect again; doesn’t always make sense, but what is the alternative; best friend Ana is living/dying with ovarian cancer; Vini & I make plans to use this life of privelege and comfort to re-connect to the causes that really fired us up in Kenya; Sharon visits bringing in much joy light and laughter; spring is arriving; pinot noir; a beautiful time
    yesterday with friends overlooking the bay.

    Much love to you. Send updates on live, love, dancing, bitterbug-ness and such.


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