Come again another day

I’m off back to London again this evening.

London Weather

Hmm. Never mind, I will be indoors.

Nic and I are going to do a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) taster course to see if we like the teacher and, in my case, to check whether those skills are what I want, so we can choose whether or not to do a bunch more training with him. Sounds like NLP might be a great way for me to practise being aware of modes of communication that I currently participate in subconsciously, that’d be fun!


  1. Richard Says:


    Isn’t that another name for brainwashing?


  2. Mark Says:

    Rest assured I still have a very dirty mind.

    We both enjoyed and appreciated the NLP training and we have both signed up to take the practitioner course starting in September.

    First draft of this comment said:

    “The NLP training was terrific…”,

    I’m changing the wording because I didn’t enjoy the absolutist connotation.

    I think that other name for brainwashing you’re thinking of, might be religion.

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