Do not throw stones at this notice

I just handed in my notice.

Last official day of work, 15th September, after which I’m off to Gozo for an amazing peace workshop. Then back to the UK and moving in with Nic. It’s exciting to have taken a step without knowing exactly where it will lead. Watch this space.


  1. mungo Says:

    Steps into the unknown are always welcome! Well done!

  2. Mark Says:


  3. Tyg Says:

    Yay for leaps of faith!

  4. mungo Says:

    Funny how we perceive this as such a positive event… for me it’s indicative of taking back control of your life and having the courage to make important decisions.

    Maybe someone who’s worked in HR or as the leader of a volatile team might react differently.


  5. Mark Says:

    That’s exactly it. For me also it is about taking control. It does not signify that I think this was a poor choice to come work and live in France, the job and life here have been wonderfully refreshing and educational. And I have benefited hugely from having the courage to come out here in the first place. And now I’m feeling ready for my next challenge. I realise it is within my power to bring it on. That’s what this choice was about: exercising my power to create the life I want.

    So it doesn’t feel like getting my life _back_ exactly, but definitely about being in the driving seat of the one I have been enjoying for some time. And I’m very happy to see the responses it has elicited from you guys.

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