Back to college

Yay! I have been accepted to do Certificate in Education for Sustainability at Schumacher College starting from next January.


  1. Gary Richardson Says:

    “space to challenge assumptions and explore possibilities with leaders in the field of education”

    I read the above and thought… I want to do that course… there needs to be a serious rethink particularly with the numbers in every year group in every school who can’t access a constructive educational experience and opt out with a detrimental effect on the remainder of the school.

    Supply seems one dimensional with demand being multi faceted…

    This sounds like an excellent opportunity… would love to know how things progress


  2. Gary Richardson Says:

    a network of schools designed with ecological and sustainability at heart if I read the sustainability aspect of the course correctly…

    Energize are looking at working with disaffected students in the countryside (not outdoor centres) where they can reflect and have space to express something of who they are intrinsically… I see so many young people who cannot be made to sit still in a class room yet who adore fishing and will sit for hours near water…


  3. Tyg Says:

    Well done pyggie! Hope you enjoy it and learn lots…

  4. Christine Says:

    Beautiful Mark. Am green – with envy. Will wait for your shared stories of lessons learned. XO Christine

  5. Mark Says:

    Hey guys, Thanks for the encouraging comments. I’m excited about the course and where it might take me. And you can bet I intend to use this space to share my learning experiences.

    Thanks especially Christine, for directing me to Schumacher in the first place.

  6. Matt Says:

    Hey Mark!
    Congrats! As if they wouldn’t accept you… 😀

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