Schumacher collegeWent down to Devon this weekend, with Nic, to visit my Driends Dom and Gerry, who live in Totnes, and also to take a stroll by Dartington to get a view of Schumacher College — the building with fine bushy side-burns pictured here — where I will be studying on-and-off next year.

Had a fab time stomping about in the Devonian countryside and experiencing a dynamic town. Sadly the Dartington College of Arts, which apparently adds much in the way of dynamism to the age mix of the population, and also the local economy, is in danger of being moved to Cornwall.

Totnes’s local economy is interesting, not least because it has its own local currency. This is a project by Transition Town Totnes who plan to prepare the town for life after oil runs out. It all makes Totnes sound like an exciting place to go and live for a week every now and then, as part of a learning community, and to find out more about sustainability.


  1. mungo Says:

    Enjoyed reading about the currency thing – hadn’t heard that before. Mind you, i’ve never been to Totnes.

    reminded me of LETS schemes and their “acorns” and “leaves” etc. but there’s clearly a big difference between alternative currencies and alternatives *to* currency.

  2. Alan Says:

    It’s a pretty school… I bet it’s even prettier when it’s not in black and white. 😉


  3. jan Says:

    hi this is excellent fun ..I have been to Totnes.. it was good ..
    we were staying with girls and friends at Bigbury .. very cool..
    how far in sustainability does the course take you ?
    Like us wth our house building and solar and wind etc ?

  4. Tygger Says:

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your leafy new logo 🙂 You must write more – dunno whats going on with you anymore 🙁

    Thanks for the message on me blog though …. we are also VERY HAPPY 🙂

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