Just received this certificate in the post:

In the art of Neurolinguistic Programming

Once a programmer always a programmer, heh?


  1. Jacqui Says:

    Congratulations Mark I presume Nik received her’s too?

    I will have to wait a little while for mine till I’ve finished the payments .
    I can’t wait to be certified!!!

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks Jacqui

    I assume that that’s what’s in the matching envelope with her name on that arrived in the same post.

  3. Tygger Says:

    AAAHHHHH!!! you’re certified to program peoples minds …. muahahahahahah …. X)

  4. Davier Says:

    congrats for being certified and on a very different field from IT. #8) for professionals only

  5. Jesse Says:

    Congratulations Dr Mark!
    I guess it means you can now program neurons in different languages?? hahaha.All the best in your next dedication. 😉

  6. Jane Says:

    Congratulations Mark!

    U always leave a lot to be admired of you.

    So,what’s your next move???????????????

  7. Mark Says:

    Mithi, Kioko, Murage, Jane
    Thanks for your comments: congrats and queries. The What Next question is a good one. Of course I am already en-route to the next course: my Certificate in Education For Sustainability at Schumacher College. And Im about to write a post describing the first work I have done outside IT that relates to this NLP Practitioner certification too.

  8. dominic Says:

    Congrads. keep it up.

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