Cultures of Sustainability

Just back from the Cultures of Sustainability event in Camden where staff and guess teachers from Schumacher College gathered at Cecil Sharp House to discuss issues relating to sustainable living.

This photo shows Satish Kumar, who chaired the afternoon, guests Gustavo Esteva and David Orr, and lecturer Brian Goodwin. Also participating were Karen Blincoe the college’s director, and Vandana Shiva.

Satish chaired with tremendous authority: “Can you get to your question, please?”.

I was going to write up some of my notes here but my mind is skipping all over the place and there is an organic cabbage in the kitchen that needs some imaginative attention. So I’ll jus mention the stool with which Satish summed up the day; it has three legs:

  • Ecology
  • Economy
  • Equity


  1. Tygger Says:

    Hey yous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    send us your new address pronto!

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  2. Tygger Says:

    Uuuuu … got your new address (that was indeed very pronto – erm, I think you actually pre-empted me) …

    Happy Birfday again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jan Says:

    happy birthday Bro I was thinking of you and parcel in the post .. love jan

  4. Mark Says:

    Thanks Guys!

  5. SOPHIA Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark, even if late.

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  6. Alan Says:


    Sustainability sure is the buzzword these days. I’m reading Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability. It’s from 1993 or so, but still incredibly relevant. I’ve read a lot of heavy stuff about science, religion, and the environment, and this book is even making me cringe. It’s apparently got some suggestions/solutions to commerce’s inherent problems, but I haven’t gotten to that chapter yet. I find myself thinking, “Holy shit, he’s right” a LOT!

    In other news, I just finally convinced the other (Kenyan) lab admin here in Tala that Windows 2000 would run MUCH better on the aging computers we have here. Also, I think this semester is the last batch of students who knew “Mark the mzungu”.

    Take care,


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