Finding the garden


  1. nat Says:

    Needs a groovy techno track. X)

  2. Tygger Says:


  3. Natalia Says:

    Well looks like you found it: your garden beneath the brambles! Is she happy to be recovered? See you on monday! :7

  4. Tygger Says:

    Lalala … DZ been visiting us this weekend (hence only just noticed your text) … Its been lovely, and has made me miss you too …

    Erm Attenborough – well, you could borrow ours, buy the boxset, or download from somewhere … what were you after? The title of that particular episode? …

    Enjoying yours&nics photos over on flickr, seeing how the house/garden is coming together. Been talking to Drew and want to plan some kind of long weekend away visiting you in cambridge and our friend Adele in Colchester, at some point over summer time me thinks …

    Much love and hugs to the both of you…

  5. matt Says:

    looks like you have been working hard, i can’t wait to see it for real.

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