Roy G. Biv supports Amnesty International

I recently gave a talk at Schumacher College, as part of my Certificate in Education course there, on free and open source software, the Creative Commons, wikis and ending up with Wikipedia. Copyleft licenses like the GPL and Creative Commons share-alike encourage creative people to share their work for use and expansion by others, and the results are sometimes breathtaking (think of the GNU/Linux operating system, for example).

I give all my photos on a Creative Commons license that enables people to use them as long as they cite me as the original photographer. Recently I got a surprise email from another flickr user saying he had chosen to use one of my photos in a book he has created.

The road to Camden The book, entitled “ROY G. BIV a convergence of Flickr, Blurb, and the Creative Commons”, explores the colours of the spectrum; my photo is in the violet part ;7 One third of the sales is going to support Amnesty International. This is a project I am proud to have been able to contribute to.

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  1. Alan Says:

    Long live open source. I give the photos on my personal gallery a Creative Commons license too.

    People here still have problems understanding the issues surrounding GNU/Linux, GPL, etc. They mix up issues like how Oracle’s software is free and runs on Linux, but is not open source. They get caught up in the distributions of Linux as if they are versions of Windows. I try to illustrate how Linux is only a kernel, GNU is a bunch of software/system tools, GNOME and KDE just draw windows, and that Ubuntu/Fedora/Debian/Slackware, etc are just different combinations of all those things.

    And then there’s ideological things like how Microsoft’s OpenXML is rubbish and why I don’t Novell/SuSe. How do you explain these issues to laymen without sounding radical?

    Regardless of all this, I still wake up every day to check LWN,, and Slashdot… Long live Open Source!


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