Risk management

Here’s an interesting and informative video about what choices we make regarding the possibility of global catastrophes within our lifetime.

Got ten minutes? Watch it.
Not got ten minutes? What the hell are you doing reading my blog? The only possible reason you don’t have ten minutes to inform yourself about the most important choice you ever make in your life is because you have already made that choice and you have chosen to take action.

Still reading this? Go watch the video.


  1. SOPHIA Says:



  2. Mark Says:

    Hey Sophia, glad to know you are still visiting.

  3. chris Says:

    Nicely done.

    Made me realise that, although this is exactly the way I’ve been thinking about this whole debate for the last year or so, there are still plenty of people to whom it’s not blindingly obvious.

    The worrying thing (er, one of many) is that those in power aren’t going to be swayed by superior logical or scientific argument — not while Big Oil and other commercial interests carry so much clout… viz the situation with the UK govt & energy industry vs joe public & windfall taxes etc that’s happening right now.

    Still, there’s going to be a LOT of political changes happening in the next few months (green party just decided to have an actual LEADER for the first time!), so who knows where we could be a year from now.

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