A Cosmic Year

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  1. Anna Goodman Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Great to see you this weekend, and enjoyed just reading your bits on the climate camp. Thought your police/force/human discussion was really interesting, and I think links to one of the things I find hardest to know what to do with which is the way the oppressive structures/systems are made up of people who are almost all nice enoogh human beings – something which I think is true at all levels up to the whole minority world. Much harder to know what to do with that than a world in which bad systems are made up of people you can despise, and if someone is nice then de facto they will not be part of an objectionable structure…

    Anyway, that’s rather a diversion from what I was just meaning to say which was thank you *so* much for the dances – one of the top highlights of the weekend – and to give you my email address. I’ll try to make it to Cambridge in the new year and will let you know then – in the meantime good good luck in finding some work which you find rewarding and worthwhile – not easy to do, and I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you the best,


  2. Tygger Says:

    Yay! More installments!

  3. Shannon McCann Says:

    Thanks, best post

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