About Mark

mamansoft.JPGI have been Bitterjug since about 2001 when The Swing Bunch started organizing events, around that time I started DJing for Lindy Hoppers. DJs seem to have their own names; dj-Bitterjug was mine. I registered bitterjug.com but there was nothing interesting there until the blog started.

The blog started in 2004 when I was about to go work in Kenya as a volunteer with VSO. Any blog entry from between 2004 and early 2006 is part of that story.

I left Kenya in 2006 and, after a short stay in East Anglia (not far from where I was born) I moved to France for a year and a bit. Now living in Cambridge, I’m seeking interesting projects to do with learning change, development and sustainability. Here’s my curriculum vitae.