Help yourself

I believe that self-help books, as the name suggests, benefit mainly their authors. With this in mind, I have decided to write one.


  1. mungo Says:

    so when can we expect this magnum opus? sounds great.

  2. Glen Steward Says:

    Hello old friend,

    Just stumbled upon your site – good to see you can still doodle.

    I still have a couple of your originals tucked away.

    How are you doing?

    I’m just about to start mid life crisis – so need all the help I can find.

    Be good!

  3. greg greene Says:

    hi mark, thanks for watching our films. may i have your address to email you as our third project moves forward?
    best regards from canada,


  4. Tim Thompson Says:

    Hi Mark

    Here is another voice from your past. We met Sarah at a welcome service in the Cathedral for the new Bishop of Thetford a little while ago and she told us about your blog.

    I gather you are living in Cambridge now. So is our daughter Helen – you last saw her as a baby- but she has graduated from Anglia Ruskin and qualified as a dispensing optician whilst woking part time in Boots Opticans. She is now working full time there in the middle of Cambridge.
    Its her 23rd birthday on Thursday and we coming up to lunch with her. Over the coming months we expect to be visiting fairly regualrly since she doen’t get back here to Caister very often. -She shares a house with parking by Anglia Ruskin!
    Perhaps we could get in touch and meet up sometime.

    Best wishes

    Tim & Sue Thompson

  5. dominic mutua Says:

    Hi Mark
    how are you doing, we are fine down here…. My daughter sheila is in form three now at a school in tala called sengani girls school,we all remember you. dominic

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