Touch Down

Ok a quick one as I am on a slow line at the VSO office in Nairobi.
I have bought a sim card for a local mobile so the number will be
available shortly. The weather has been grey and rainy much of the
time since I arrived which is not what I expected but its quite acceptible.
We’ve all been getting a lot of training in a very nice (too expensive
for us to stay on if we were paying for it out of our allowances) methodist
guesthouse in Nairobi. Today is the first day out of the compound for us.
I bought my radio: a big one: 150W, with phono input so I can plug
the MP3 walkman into it. I have learned a lot already, even though we have
been encapsulated in transitional training since we arrived, but no time to reflect
upon it now.

Oh, and I have a cold. 🙁

But, in general I’m happy to be a volunteer here.
Have spoken to Sister Pauline on the phone, and my postal address will be

Holy Rosary College,
Po Box 55

The training lasts only one week and there is no home-stay with locals:
the information I had from VSO was out of date, and some of my forms
I filled in long before I left have not made it over here. I will travel to
Tala on saturday, when the placement begins for real. I hope the college’s
satelite will make it easier for me to write moer here then.

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