“A cat?”, “No, bat!”

Last night, whilst sitting on my sofa, listening to a Hindi radio station (I think its Hindi, its called something like Spice FM!) and copying text messages from my ‘phone to my journal for sentimental reasons (and because I dont get any letters and printer paper for email is in short supply, this way I will have something to look back on) I was visited by a bat.

A bat flew down the chimney. I have had my suspicions about the chimney since I arrived. It’s all very well and good me closing the windows and doors after dusk to keep out the mosquitos (the window fasteners are the sort that stick through the line of the window which would make it hard to put up net screens, though I am still considering ways round this), but what about the chimney? Come to that, what about the gaps under the doors? The bat flew around the room twice. At first I thought it was a bird but I got the idea that it was a bat from the fact that it didnt bump into anyting or try and land. It went, like a stelth bomber, round the three-piece suite, and back up the chimney. My heart raced when it arrived, and then sank when I thought it was a bird and that I would have to chase it out of the door, somehow, in a prologned mosquito-inviting dance. Finally it returned to normal when the bat had left and I listened to the Bhangda.

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