went for a run this morning. woke up at 5.15 and watched the sky get light, then my alarm rang at 6.30. It was cool and I was rested so I got up and put on some lon shorts (the ones I wore as a Dwarf On Stilts at Hop The Castle, for those who remember) and out I went.
Dozens of small colourfully uniformed childres were arriving to the infants school near my home. They said “Fine, fine” in anticipation of my greeting them with “How are you?”.
Ran for half an hour. Cold shower and then breakfast (porridge and fruit, as has been usual since I arrived) and out again on foot into Tala to try and open a Bank account.
I limped.
I thinkI pulled a muscle in my foot running, maybe its rock-step withdrawal symptoms.
I almost opened a bank accoun too: I have to have 2 passport photos, so the clerk took me to the studio next door to get them taken. They will be ready tomorrow when I can try again at the Bank.
Then I went to the supermarket next door to the photo studio. I bought a sieve, some sugar, a tea-towel (to use as oven gloves as none of my pots have handles) and a wooden spoon (well, a stick!), some stock cubes and pegs. The whole thing came to KES 218. C.f. 280 for 4 colour passport photos. C.f. KES 300 for a Ken-Cell top-up card!

Bitterjug is hosted by my good friend, and total Phreak, Murias in SF. I have an account on his computer. I connected today and measured the average round-trip delal for network packets from his server to the machine I’m using here and back to his server in California. Remember there is a satelite in the way in both directions. The results are below:

Min round trip: 1.5s

Average round trip: 4.25s

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