Stroll on

Thursday morning is definitely the time to be in the lab; there are very few students about and, consequently, the load on the satelite is lower. This morning I have managed uploaded a 10Mb Movie (.AVI) of the girls doing the Charleston stroll yesterday!

Charleston Stroll on You Tube

They made a great job of it; I started to teach them the Jitterbug Stroll after that! Someone tell me how the break goes in the jitterbug stroll: forward on right, tap left toe behind right, step on left, tap right toe behind left… then what? Something that turns through a quarter turn…? I normally bluff it. In fact I normally bluff a quite a lot of the Charleston stroll too. There is that flying charleston kick thing and what I do fits the music ok, but I don’t thik its what Garry Boon does. And Im not sure if what Gary does is the same as Sing Lim did. (But Im basing that only on something Gary once said when he was teaching it). So the Charleston stroll is evolving slowly.

Another thing that is evolving slowly is me!

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