Square eyes

Been sitting at my computer most of the day.

I decided to set 12 separate assignments for the Javascript class to make a point about copying because last time I got 6 identical disks and the other 6 had copied a lot too. But it means thinking of 12 roughly equivalent exercises, writing the questions (wrote them as web pages that I will give the girsl one each to modify and add script to) and also answering them. Today I did all the answers and the last two questions. So not much to report other than that I have been keeping my eye on the fantastic discussions on the comments on the last few entries.

I thought it would be great to have a list of he 10 or so entries with comments most recently added. I have been looking into that as well. Unlike Movable Type greymatter does not include this facility and neither does it have modules or plug-ins. Its Perl hacking. **shudder!!**

I could do it, Ive done it before with the Wiki script. But it’d take a lot of trial and error to test it out and made sure its reliable. Having decided not to bring my laptop I dont have a computer to work on in the evenings. So … let me just tell you that there are some great discussions going on in the last week’s entries. And this makes me very happy. Its exciting coming to look at this site now because I never know when my visitors are going to start talking to each other and cooking up new stuff. So thanks everyone for being part of that.

And if you’re someone who reads but does not leave comments, think of leaving one now, they make me feel happy. Just say “hi, Im reading” or whatever.

OK off to cook a pumpkin for supper and get ready for tomorrow when I give out the assignments and spend a few hours trying to help the ladies to complete them. I am half expecting some sort of disaster as I don’t actually know how good their Javascript skills are because their last assignment was such a wash-out. But I’ll let you know how it goes.

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