Rescued from cyber-shredder

I have managed to salvage some of the blog entry I was writing on Easter Saturday when the power went out over the Kangundo region due to a transmission pilon falling down (or that’s what they told Sister P when she called to see why it had taken three days for the power to come back)

Last night the strange Simon came to visit me again. He came once before and asked for a matchbox. Turns out he’s the night security guard. The thing that looked like a bow and arrows is, in fact, a bow and some fearsome arrows. His coat is in deed an ex-army gratecoat and so is that of his colleageue Daniel. Last night they came because they had seen a light in the “computer room”. I got a knock on my door while I was frying green banannas. He had come because I had the keys to the computer lab but when I turned out the gas and went with him into the night, he lead me to the library/cyber-cafe building to which I did not have the keys.

There was, in deed, a light within the room. It was coming from the our new Coca-Cola fridge. I lead him rond the back of the building to where I could show him the fridge through the window. I told him to tell the sisters it was the refridgerator and that if they want to turn it off they should send the keys. He ran off into the darkness with his gratecoat flapping behind him.

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