Viruses in africa

No, not the sort you’re thinking of.

`I’m sitting in our current cyber cafe. These are the public access machines. They should be quarrantined! I managed to clearn up one of them, it was running Windows 98 which does not have proper password protection.

Let me explain: Windows 2000 and Windows XP can protect the computer itself from certain kinds of changes — like installing anti-virus software — so that only the computer’s approved administrator can do that. The older versions have no such protection so anybody can install (or remove) anything. Those machines get in a terrible mess! I have clearned one of them up, the anti-virus software is half-way through a scan on that machine now and has detected (leans over to have a look) two virus infections. This computer that I am using is running windows 2000 and we don’t know what the administrator’s password is because the (only) guy who knows is away for the vacation. So the me great plans of cleaning up the college network during the holidays are currently on hold.

And I’m bloggin instead.

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