The first thing I saw this morning

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning
was exactly this, without any intervention from me:
TenderSoft PuNcK (37k image)
I simply had to go get my camera and get back into bed to take the picture.

The next thing I saw
Ok, after I got up and looked at my phone, was this:
OH MY GOD!!! Its been such a great Urban Swing. (44k image)

Who that then?
This is my teddy-bear, PuNcK.
PuNcKmobile (36k image)
Denise met him at Heathrow when she was stranded there, by a ground-crew strike, on her way to Herrang last summer. He guarded my foam mattress in the school at Herrang and came back with me to London.

The SMS was from the Swing Demon herself, having a good time at the Urban Bar. The full message was:

OH MY GOD!!! Its been such a great Urban Swing. You would be SO proud!!! We're doing well - and u're a fab inspiration! Everybody sends their love. xxxM

This made me very happy! I’m looking forward to reading some reviews and maybe seeing some pictures. For those of you who don’t know, Urban Swing is an occasional dance event at the Urban Bar in East London that I, together with Fede, started up in the winter of 2001 when it was too cold to dance outside. I don’t think it was called Urban Swing until January 2002. In February 2003 it was a key event at the first London Lindy Exchange and, of course, I will never forget the one that was my leaving party.

UrbanPuNcK (38k image)PuNcK kiss (26k image)
You might remember PuNcK making a guest appearance at Urban Swing last year.

He stowed away in my hand-lugguage on the way to Kenya;
PuNcKrucsack (38k image)
(I took this picture just a few minutes after arriving in my house in Tala on 14th Feb 2004)
and has spent most of the time since then hiding under my mosquito net.

rat (23k image)
Perhaps I should have dispatched him to take care of the third thing I saw this morning: a rat in the air-brick above my kitchen door.

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