One hit, mwah hah hah! Two hits, mwah hah hah! …

Newly installed, the hit counter over on the side-bar! The formatting could do with improvement, but I’m happy because it works!

Geek alert

I did that this morning while re-installing our second linux-box. One of the staff here set it up originally and somehow it ended up with a very small partition for /var which soon filled up. I tried to move /var last night by unmounting the old partition and replacing it with a normal directory, but the root partition was too small to hold the current /var and the system would no longer boot. So I re-partitioned the disk today (one swap partition and a single large partition for /) and reinstalled everything. It just booted first time and I logged in and connected to the network. So now we can continue playing wih it.

And now I’m off to Naivasha (via Nairobi) with Christine, one of the other VSOs, who is taking a tent. So nothing from me until after the weekend, when I hope to have tales of camping and adventure (and less of linux hackery).

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