Zebra Crossing

zebra crossing (5k image)
The Zebra at Hell’s Gate National Park at Naivasha, knowing my sense of humor, kindly posed for this photograph.

I went to Lake Naivasha with Christine (another VSO who arrived in Kenya with me) and her friend Shauna. It was a fantastic weekend, more photos and stuff below…

tent (17k image){{popup hellsgate.jpg hellsgate 943×250}}hells gate We camped at Fisherman’s Camp by lake Naivasha. The camp site had Colobus Monkeys in the trees and a Fish Eagle overhead soaring and swooping, and making a dreadfully undignified noise. On Sunday we rented bikes and rode up to Hells Gate Park.

entrance (20k image)

{{popup viewbig.jpg viewbig 640×381}}viewcentrerock (18k image)
The rock in the picture on the left is the same one in the valley where I’m looking in the one on the right. For KSH 300 we could have climbed it, there was a man there with all the ropes and paraphernalia.

gazel (5k image)There were antilope and gazelle in the park. Some gazelle are very small; these ones were a long way off.

Its one thing to see Zebra from the window of a car, and quite another to pass them on your bike!
markAndZebra (32k image)

Two blurry photos of a hippo that came out of the lake by the camp site and mowed the grass 50 feet from where we stood.
hippo (8k image)hippo (6k image)

Mark and Christine
Mark and Christine with Lake Naivasha in the background.

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