Here’s a little quiz.

1. I read recently in my Guardian Weekly that the cerials devision of Uniliver had applied for a patent on Nap Hal wheat which is used for making chapatis. The patent was awarded to them shortly after they were acquired by another company that happens to have a patent that gives them rights over the use of Nap Hal to make chapatis.
This company that now owns both these patents is:
2. My friend Mr Ngumi told me proudly that the seeds he bought from Nairobi to grow maize in his shamba would grow better than that in is neighbours fields but that he would have to buy more seed next season because the maize that his plants produced would be infertile. The seeds were costly, he said, but the expense is worth it for the certified seed because of the higher yield.
The seeds were made by
3. Another Guardian Weekly article tells of how Soya bean plants modified to be immune to glyphosate herbicide grow really well in Argentina. Farmers there just spray the fields with Roundup; the soya carries on growing and everything else dies. The Sorya plants grow so well that when they are spilt during harvest they grow out of place, like weeds, and cannot be controlled using Roundup so many other powerful herbicides are used with the result that the bacteria in the soil is killed and the soil becomes infertile.
The Soya plants were genetically modified by:
4. Bonus question:

Roundup, the best selling agricultural product ever, was developed and is sold by:

Of course I don’t actually know enough about this to justify being outraged, but I do think it’s interesting.

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