Something Moore

This morning, at breakfast, I finished reading Stupid White Men. Now that I’m fresh, awake and no longer behind on sleep, I feel compelled to say something more about that book…

I can see why it was a best seller in the UK even before it was published there. It’s a great book: its funny and thought provoking. I can relate to people who read it; then want to tell their friends to read it.

You should read Stupid White Men!

Moore isn’t just a political satirist, he’s a political activist. By writing like this he’s providing information, supprising information, shocking information, in a palletable form. If his book didn’t make me laugh now and then (I did not find it uproariously funny, but I did laugh now and then) I might have slammed it down in disgust. Especially if I was an Ameriucan voter.

Savy Kenyans constantly ask me why Blair jumped on board with Bush’s personal campaign to bomb Iraq. I normally feel like denying my citizenship and running away: “Who knows?, I’m not his mentor”. But since reading this book I have, in good scientific style, developed a theory — untested, unproven, unconventional. If Tony Blair is, as Moore suggests, a carbon copy of Bill Clinton … You haven’t read the book? Read it! Moore says Clinton’s Democrats are just Republicans who cry democratic wolf, while Bill Clinton is a charming and likable man whose charismatic personality enabled him to work his right-wing policies without being noticed. The current Republicans, he says, are a vehicle for industrialists to wield power over the most powerful country in the world; the Democrats are the same, paid for out of the same companies pockets. If Blair was being paid for, somehow, out of the same pockets, that woudl explain why we backed Bush’s war on Iraq. The consequences would be unsettling: Great Britain in the same unexcusable sorry state as the USA.

I don’t know. Go read the book then come post your own opinions here. I’m in bloody Kenya, which has its own problems.

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