Cor blimey guvnor

Friday afternoon is “get out of the lab and go to the Market” day for our students. James gave the ladies an extra hour of browsing time then chased them away so he and I could try connecting two computers directly with a cross-over cable; something he has to teach on one of his courses. In the process we discovered two machines with lots of unwanted Explorer toolbars and spyware on them… and lots of links to pornography.

I don’t know whether our students have been following these links or whether they were just installed by some software someone downloaded. Much as I like pornography myself, and have enjoyed it in the past, I’d rather not be exposed to it here. I think, and the other staff agree, that we don’t really want to give our students a learning environment where the Explorer favourites menu is full of “anal rape” and “animal sex”, etc.

Anybody know anything about content blocking software?

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