C for yourself

#include <%lt;stdio.h>>
#define kenyan 0
#define mzungu 1

int skinTax(int customer){
if (customer == mzungu){
return 50;
} else {
return 20;

int main(){
printf("Maize = %d Beans = %d\n", skinTax(kenyan), skinTax(mzungu));

I just gave this program to stage II in their C class. Skin Tax is something one of the serving volunteers in Kenya (now returned to the UK but she mentioned volunteering again and going to China!) told us about in our first week in country: getting charged that little more because you are perceived to be wealthy and too stupid to know better.

Meanwhile stage IV are still as bad as ever: half way through my C class this morning I ran out to check the syntax of #define and there, in the staff room, was my colleague:
“I just walked out of my Stage IV class”, she said, “I told them they should come for me when they are ready to talk to me”.
And when my C class was over, I went back to the staff room and she was still there.
“Did they come for you?”, I asked.
“No! And I have a class with them tomorrow and I won’t go to that either.”

I’m kinda pleased its not just me, but what the hell is going on here with these ladies?

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