Mr Unpopular

Well, if they didn’t resent me after yesterday, they will after today.

Having installed the web filtering software with a ban on a large, but not exhaustive list of porn sites (every time we tried to think up a new porn site, not actually one we knew, but just making up a likley name, it turned out to be a) a real porn site and b) not listen in the list of banned sites I downloaded from the internet!) I also set a ban on and (which will, I think, make it difficult but probably not impossible, to re-install yahoo messenger). This is all a bit brute force and ignorance at the moment but the situation was getting urgent).

And all I’ve done all weekend is network administration (and laundry). No prep at all!

Geek alert!
The most geeky part was reclaiming the lost password from the cisco firewall: this involved connecting a cable to the COM port of a windoze machine and running hyperterm! Then booting the firewall, interrupting the boot, manually configuring one of its interfaces and then downloading a special boot image from my linux box using tftp when the box runs this program it asks me if I want to clear the passwords and then we have control again.

Now all we need are the docs on how to config the thing and maybe I can turn down the brute force round here.

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