Food and stuff

I think I’ve spoken enough about networks and teaching lately. Thought I’d have a bit of a natter about food and stuff.

There were a bevvy of sisters here yesterday. Our own administrator had come back from her tour of duty in the west (helping a Holy Rosary hospital there) and the sisters from Nairobi were invited for sunday lunch. I was tucked up in the computer lab hacking network suff like a mad fiend, sister Pauline came and found me there and offered me dishes of hot food. Yum: Rice, red spicy stew (with the meat removed because they Know I prefer it without), carrots and peas. And chapatis! What a feast!

And in the evening, when I took the lab key back to the convent, I was givn cake that the visiting sisters had brought wiht them. Rich fruit cake with icing! It was like christmas, a meal in itself.

Today there was githeri again: maize and beans cooked for a long time so that the hard white maize begins to be soft but is still al dente and gives somethig to chew at while supping the beans. When its cooked nicely this local staple is delicious, as it was today. When its not, its like chewing a meal made from the lids from Bic Biros.

I myself have a big vat of aubergene, peanut and tomato stew that I cooked up the other day. Delicious with a mixture of potatoes and green banannas boiled and mashed together. And the last of my last batch of home made chapatis (perfect in every respect apart from shape, I think they’re meant to be round, not square!).

The chow is normally quite good here: especially when I’m the cook. Maybe its that, or maybe its because I’m pushing 40 now, but I seem to be adding weight, not loosing it out here. Best do my 7km run tomorrow then!