I was absolutely shattered last night. I slumped on the sofa and started writing a text message to one of the other volunteers. An hour later I received one from her… I was almost asleep with the phone in my hand and the message still half written.

I made a sandwhich (peanut butter and bananna on brown) and went to bed.

And slept.

Woke up around 2am, when the sicardas and frogs and gekos are quiet, to the sound of footsteps coming from above me…
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My $0.02 worth

I was just sitting i the staff room, preparing a Javascript lab for this afternoon, when I overheard something remarkable. One of the staff, whose home is a good way away from here, has fields planted to Coffee. He was describing the problems of tending, weeding, spraying, picking and transporting the coffee to the factories…. who then pay three shillings per kilo for the raw coffee beans.

Thats about 2p/Kg!

He went on to describe how, not supprisingly, he has been letting it go to wate in the fields and planting other things, things that his family can eat.

Hard-ass teacher

Well we’re back!

In case you didn’t notice, Bitterblogwas not available for a day or so while my good friend PhreakiBoi switched ISPs; it took a while for the new internet address to propagate through the system. Today I got a 1.7 second round-trip time for packets from to Holy Rosary College and back, thats nearly half what I reported before, but it depends a lot on how busy the network is here. If you — dear reader — notice any changes, good or bad, with the service on this site since the change, please leave a comment and let us know.

This brings me to the subject of networks. Today there was an exam going on in the lab. I was asked by my colleague, who had set the exam going, if I would be around in the lab as, technically, our students may not be there without supervision (because they sometimes visit unsavory, or pherhaps too savory, sites). By the time I had finished with my own classroom-based test it was chaos in the lab. I have never before seen an on-line exam with five students to each workstation. And more were drifting in as I watched. Cyberspace is the most exciting place to be on a suny saturday afternoon at HRC. I decided to get strict…
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