It’s not African

First part of the story abotu last saturday’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

There were a number of reportabel events during the day, which was held in Ngluni, the next village on the way to Nairobi, and organised by Jackson Zizinga, my fellow volunteer from Uganda. The one thats in my head at the moment is this:

Mama Darlene, who is Jackson’s employer and the force behind having the awareness day, was speaking in English (even though she’s a local) and a man, whom I found out later is a lcoal primary-school headmaster, was translating for her, one sentense at a time. She thanked everyone, and introduced all the guests (myself included) and invited us to say a few words (which I was only half expecting) and then went on to speak of the importance of the work.
“I know it’s not African to talk about sex”, she said.
The translator stammered, grinned and turned away from the crowd.

Apparently she’s right!

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