The boys from Tala girls’

Despite it being exam time, there was drumming from the feld this afternoon again. The drumming comes from Tala Girls Primary School which, confusingly, is a mixed primary school. “Tala Girls” is just the name of the shop. Anyway, someone remarked, about the drumming:
“They are going to compete at National level, not just regional!”
“What, who’s that?”
Its the same school that entertained me with their poetry performance. This time it’s mostly boys, the ones who stand around the gate to college when I’m teaching the Charleston Stroll. And they’re dancing! The deputy principal and I went to see…


I think I’m going to have to get them to teach me! Especially the bit where the guys in the back row bend over behind the guys in the front row who then, miraculously, swoosh up into the air upside down on the back-guys backs. There are arms and legs out all over the place; its very hard to see who, if anyone, is holding on to whom.

Never seen Andy and Rena do that, but the but where the pairs of boys dive onto the dirt and end up hugging looked *very* A&R. As did the finale where they jumped into floating threesomes hanging on to one anothers ankles somehow. Great stuff! Something nice to set me up for the weekend’ party.