A Day At The Races

More pics from the Maralal Camel Derby.
camelslim (22k image) Sasha and Sheila on camels
Sasha and Sheila battle for position! (or should I say struggle for balance?)
cameljockey (21k image)
Sheila deploys her secret weapon for greater speed.

Sasha and banner
Sasha crosses the finish line.

samburuUnderTree (36k image)
The local Samburu watch us Mzungus making fools of ourselves.
camelspeed (23k image)
Meanwhile a local shows us how it’s supposed to be done.
willpower (22k image)
Will crosses the line, with help.

In fact everybody had to have their camel dragged by its handler in front, and spanked by another handler behind, in order to make them complete the 11km course. Speeds were not great, but spectacle was. VSO’s three riders all finished the course and were not last (I’m told that honour went to Peace Corps for whom taking part in the Derby is something of a tradition).

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