Strike II

Its very odd here today, the IT students are on strike.

I stayed at home for an hour to type up some notes. When I finally walked up the path to college there were lines of students on the playing field and sister standing between them looking emphatic. Classes should have started.

They had apparently put a long list of grevances under the principal’s door last night and were thrashing it out all morning with her. Apparently the main one is to do with asking for permission to leave the compound, at the moment they have to get a paper leave-out signed before they go. This is because the college needs to keep tabs on who is where and what reasons they have. Meanwhile, on top of this they have added many other complaints about the food and use of the Internet and… Mr Mark’s teaching stytle(!).

This afternoon many of them have been sent home to bring the balance of their fees. Without the fees, says the principal, she cannot budget to buy food and make other arrangements they have asked for. So no classes this afternoon either.

I’m in the lab writing this and trying to get Linux to install on one of the machines… but its for a lab tomorrow with a bunch of ladies who have been sent home. They are unlikley to be back tomorrow.

I feel strange… Its as if they just don’t care a bit about learning something here, but rather the whole thing is just a powergame. Now I know there was an element of that when I worked at De Montfort University too, but it always felt as if someone was enjoying learning stuff. Here I seem to be the only one.

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