Yesterday, the men came and re-alligned our satelite dish to point to a different satelite. Very interesting to watch them with the magnetic thing that tells them what the angle is and the thing that beeps higher when the signal strength is higher (getting warmer) and lower when they get further away (colder).

Then, when it was all done, our internet didnt work.
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Beetles and Scorpions

Last night there was a bit of a bash in my house. Theresa and Katie the Peace Corps were there as was Jackson and Jackie from VSO. I cooked savory crepes and we all had a good natter until it was dark.

Standing in the kitchen at one point I could hear a sound from the window, like rain or even hail against the glass. I looked through the curtain and saw a hail of beetles! They were bonking and bashing against the glass, attracted by the light, little brown beetles. Some were crawling through the gaps in the window frame. They were lying almost half an inch thick on the outside window ledge.
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Yesterday was Peace Corps Pizza Party at Mark’s house. Theresa is a new PCV who joined the college at the weekend. I invited her to my home together with Katie, the PCV from Tala and Jackson, the VSO from Ngluni. We cooked “Italian Pizza Crust” from the Peace Corps cook book and I made passata from fresh tomatoes with garlic and onion to put on the top…. And cheese! The thing we were all (except Jackson who, being from Uganda, didn’t get so excited about it) looking forward to most.

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This morning there was a dog in my garden. Thats not unusual, they come and steel stuff from the garbage pile. But this one was tied up! It was tied next to the garbage pile with a rope just short enough that it couldnt reach the garbage. There was a lot of yelping.
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Beer, where?

A big truck tore past me throwing up a turbulent cloud of red dust from the dry dirt by the side of the road. I wobbled a bit and gripped the handlebars tightly, but continued frowning at the small group of Kenyans who had been shouting something to me moments before:
“Beer where?”, it sounded like, “Beer! Where?” It really sounded like a question.
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Hear no weevil, see no weevil, speak no weevil

Last week I visited the secondary school near college and the headmistress told me, amongst many other things, that one of the factors that contributes to the current famine here in Ukambani is the fact that its hard to store grain because of the weevils. She said that foreign weevils from West Africa have come and they will eat anything: maize, green maize still growing in the fields, maize in store houses, the wood that store houses are built of… anything! Consequently the locals who do manage to grow some grains sell them to the cerials board for storage and then have to buy them back after a month or two at inflated prices: a surcharge for safe storage.
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