Yesterday was Peace Corps Pizza Party at Mark’s house. Theresa is a new PCV who joined the college at the weekend. I invited her to my home together with Katie, the PCV from Tala and Jackson, the VSO from Ngluni. We cooked “Italian Pizza Crust” from the Peace Corps cook book and I made passata from fresh tomatoes with garlic and onion to put on the top…. And cheese! The thing we were all (except Jackson who, being from Uganda, didn’t get so excited about it) looking forward to most.

It started to rain the day before yesterday. Really rain! Last night there was thunder and lightning. This is the second day of rain and the fields are already showing signs of turning green again from yellow.

The odd thing is that when I asked people here when the rains would come they said “October 25th”. They were very accurate, they started on the night between the 23rd and 24th. The odd thing for me is that Kenyans can predict the start of the rainy season with greater accuracy than they can predict the start of the academic term for Jomo Kenyatta University this that and the other. **sigh** 🙁

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