That’s what I feel like.

For some reason Im carrying a lot of anger. Yesterday I forgot the first class — misread my timetable, probably subconsious sabotage — and had to be called by the principal. Embarrassing. And in response I arranged an additional lab class for4pm the same day. But nobody turned up. I later foun out that the same class had complained to the principal about us being behind on the sylabus. How can they do that and not come to the bloody lab?

I exploded. Unfortunately poor old sister Pauline got the brunt of it. I swore and cursed and marched off back to my house saying “send me back to fucking England” at the top o my voice.

Sister P was awesome. She came to my house and patiently drank tea and didnt mention anything. Slowly she started to tell stories of her own challenges since she has been hereh. I wondered how she manages to keep going. She volunteered to me that God does it. Maybe faith would be a good thing for me but I aint got none.

Fuck it!

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