Beetles and Scorpions

Last night there was a bit of a bash in my house. Theresa and Katie the Peace Corps were there as was Jackson and Jackie from VSO. I cooked savory crepes and we all had a good natter until it was dark.

Standing in the kitchen at one point I could hear a sound from the window, like rain or even hail against the glass. I looked through the curtain and saw a hail of beetles! They were bonking and bashing against the glass, attracted by the light, little brown beetles. Some were crawling through the gaps in the window frame. They were lying almost half an inch thick on the outside window ledge.

When it was time to leave we turned off the light in the house before opeining the door to deter the bugs from coming in. They were thick under our feet on outside the door, like a scene from a Hitchcock movie. We all walked to Theresa’s house and did a similar trick for getting into her house with the smallest possible number of beetles. Inside we talked some more and swapped house stories. Just when we were planning the choreography of light switching and door opening that would be our exit from her home I spotted the scorpion in on the wall in her kitchen.

The scorpion was about three inches long and sitting happily on the wall. After some debate about how we should proceed I took a running shoe and crushed it against the wall with the heel. Karibu Kenya!

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