Train me

Im here in this (poxy) cybercafe in Nairobi. I got up at 5 this morning and hauled ass over to the capital. Started early to avoid the bad bad traffic jams in the city. Mondays, I was told, are particularly bad with people coming back from weekends away. My first job this morning wa to take my passport to the Ugandan embasy to get a visa for a visit I want to make in Dec. My collegue and fellow volunteer from Nguluni is from Uganda and wants to show me his country. I’ll go for a week or so before Xmas. That being done, Im here in the cafe spending one shilling per minute waiting…`
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Happy Holiday

I’m off to visit the home of a colleague today. Many Kenyans have told me they’d like me to come and visit their home places. This is the first one to actually come up with a plan. I’ve to leave right now but first I just had to put up the decorations in my parlour.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough…

Yesterday I went on a nice trip to Nairobi with Theresa and Katie the Peace Corps volunteers for me to get a new Phone and for them to have a day out and do some shopping in a supermarket. I’d done my 8km run in the morning and had tired legs all day. When I finally got to bed around 9pm I was ready to drop. But I’d sent a few text messages with my new Reconditioned Nokioa 3310 before turning in and replies trickled in. I was glad of the messages and by about 11.45 when one arrived I decided that, since I was still awake, I’d go to the loo and then try and get some sleep.
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Last night a wonderful thing happened: My stage IV students invited me to join them in the dining hall where they were celebrating one of their birthdays! What a lovely time we had, dancing to friday night radio, eating food they had cooked, singing happy birthday (including the Kenyan second verse!).

After the meal they inaugerated speeches: there were 6 students and myself siting round the table, and various of us had to take turns to deliver proper speeches. I think I might not have taken this as seriously as they expected.

I also got invited to give the closing prayer!

But all in all it was a lovely evening and made me feel included in a way that has not happened before. Lots of pics got taken wiht my camera which went round and everybody had to have a go. We flattened two sets of AAs! I’ll sort through them later and choose some to put up here.

Now back home to continue boiling the fiilter elements of my water filter…
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Corporate Livery

OK I stayed up **way** too late last night doing this new ‘look’ for and I haven’t tested it in Micro$oft Internet Explorer yet (but it looks fine in Mozilla) so would you guys please let me know how it looks? (and also what you think, but don’t be too critical yet, Im still sleep deprived) 😥