Slippery slope

Yesterday, at about the same time that America slipped back into the hands of the Republicans, I went and defecated. While I was sitting waiting for the inevitable shit to fall, I heard a sort of slapping noise such as might be made by a lizard falling onto a damp bar of soap.

I looked up to find a Gecko sitting on my Imperial Leather. As I watched it scampered back up the wall to resume his important work terrorising mosquitoes in my lavatory. But has he climbed his feet were slipping on the wall and a couple of times he lurched back toward the ground as he lost grip, like a contestant in It’s A Knockout. Despite his ungainly lurchings, and a couple of times when I thought he might fall, he ended up back on top, sitting on the cornice, ready to continue his reign of terror.

He must have played his joker.

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