In the closet

The door to the Office Practise store room clicked and opened and in slipped the navy blue shadow of a Holy Rosary sister. Shortly afterwards she was heard to exclaim:
I turned to Mr Kioko and grinned,
“…in the store room”, I said.
We both started to giggle. The sister emerged and asked what we were laughing at.
“Jesus in the store”, I told her.
“We heard you should ‘Jesus’, so we thought you must have met him there, in the store.”
(more giggling)
“Who do you want me to call?”, she asked, “Mister Mark? Who else am I going to call upon when I see sum’thing supprisin’ in the store?”

Kenyans and Nigerians, it seems, use the word ‘Store’ in the English way, to refer to a place where things are stored, rather than in the American way, to refer to a place where things are sold.

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