The ‘phone is dead. Long live the ‘phone

So, the verdict on my old Nokia 3310 is that it is dead. Passed on. Shuffled off this mortal coil. Gone to meet its maker. curled up its tootsies. Run down the curtain and gone to join the bleeding chior invisible.

The night before it gave up the ghost, I was deleting some icons of beaches that Caoilin had sent me in an effort to convince me to come visit her in (landlocked) Western Kenya at christmas. At some point it froze: crashed. I’ve seen it crash before, no big deal, I thoght. And since I was in bed I just put it by the pillow and resolved to effect a reboot in the morning by removing, and replacing, the battery. I also thought I’d do something with the phone!

In the morning the phone was off and would not switch on. My friends at “Rat Race Communications” (a little shack selling mobiles in Tala) tell me it was stuck with its transmit circuits active and during the night some transistors on the mother board burned out. (My little phone is starting to sound more and more like a sodding computer every minute). The price of a new MoBo + labour (+ mzungu markup) is pretty close to the price of a new 3310 so Im counting my shillings until I can get a replacement. Meanwhile I put my SIM in someone elses handset whenever I can (ooh! promiscuous me!) to receive SMS messages.

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