So I was wrong about where my colleague wanted to take me. It wasn’t to visit his home place, but to visit his friend who is the quality manager of a Tea factory.

And the cabbage (me!) didn’t take his camera! What a fantastic trip! Two matatu rides up to the green highlands by the foot of the Abberdares. And a trip round the factory to see all the processes (I had no idea what they all were) and how they use superheated steam to warm the air that they blow past the leaves to whither them, and so on. Fabulous. And with a very knowledgable guide. It was alike a private lesson in tea production.

My colleague, a short fellow, and I (not so) were bedecked in white coats and baseball hats and we must have looked like some sort of comedy duo as we trailed round the factory asking odd questions and trying not to be sucked into big ducts with powerful fans in them.

And finally to the “lab” to taste the different grades of tea, and a cup of nice tea to round it all off!

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