Slip up

The training goes on. I managed to pull myself ahead to take a day trip to Nairobi on wednesday to book a Safari for Rena when she comes to visit on Boxing Day! That meant taking 3 chapter-end exams, a practise final and a final exam plus a pracical skills test on Tuesday! Phew! And managed to get 99.1% in the final. Now I feel I’ve slipped behind again and we are all struggling to keep up with the pace.

So, since all my news is about this training course, I’ll tell you a story about someone else. One of the Peace Corps volunteers in Tala (I’ll not say which, but it’s a she) told me this:

She went to Nairobi on Thursday, but after leaving the house she recalled that she wasn’t wearing her slip (something very important in this country, I’m given to understand: I don’t wear one myself). So she went back home to fetch it but the kids outside her house pushed the bolt closed on the outside of her door and locked her into her own house. She had to be rescued by a neighbour and her plans for an early start on the journey to town were torn to tatters.