Power failure

There has been no power in Tala for a couple of days. I’m writing this from the good Cybercafe in Nairoibi in the Norwich Union Building.

Last night I started preparing a lessn for this morning, reading from the on-line Cisco material for the first time since wendesday because either I had been busy or the power was off. Then the power went off! I didnt fred, I just had an early night and read The Confusion.
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Valentine celebration?

Valentine’s day 2004 was landfall in Tala for me. I arrived hot and thirsty after an hour and something spent in Sister Pauline’s little Paugeot and was introduced to Kateka the weekend watchman:
“What’s his name?”
“No, not his job, what’s his name”
“His name is Kateka”
“Ooh, I thought you were saying he’s the Care Taker”
(this works best if you can imagine a Nigerian accent)
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Tomorrow a bunch of vol-au-venteers will descend upon my house to celebrate the fact that some of us (precious few in fact) have been here 1 year come Monday. So this new logo is a few days premature but I can’t wait. I’m sure I won’t be flying out of kenya by monday.

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I had a Unix II lab class today. We had arranged that the students would be completing their assignments which meant they would be presenting mini-classes on how to use certain commands that appear in the past papers. The idea is to get them to study on their own and come up with a mini lesson to explain each command. Sadly they only look at the on-line manual page and even more sadly they did so starting in my lab class, i.e. they had not prepared for the session. But that wasn’t the worst:
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benard (40k image)
This is Benard Mutua looking proprietorial at Kenbric Vocational Training Centre which he and his friend Patrick Keli (pictured below) have set up in Nguluni over the last month or so. I think the name of the college is formed by taking some of the letters from both guy’s names, mixing them up and then adding some and taking some away.

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