Half way

So, today I’m really half way through my voluntary “service”.

We had a great party this weekend. It started on friday when Steve (vso who arrived later than me and who has just handed in his resignation) arrived with his video CDs of The Simpsons and Princess Bride. The PCVs in Tala came over together with Jackson from Nguluni, and we had dinner and watched The Simpsons. Then steve set up a drinking game for those of us still up, in which The Princess Bride was played and we’d to glug our beverages whenever someone said “as you wish”, or “Inconceivable”, or “The Dread Pirate Roberts”, or “Rodents of unusual size”, etc.

Then on saturday … I don’t even know how many people were here. I didn’t count. Shauna brought her car with four people and a tent she set up in the garden. Plenty of othe VSO volunteers and a handful of kenyans; by the time we slept there were bodies everywhere. Everyone mucked in with preparing food and we had a great spread. Then Christine called hadithi hadithi and we all answered hadithi njoo told stories of our time in Kenya.

And **then** there was dancing!

Sunday morning saw much coming and going. Patrick and Benard from Kenbric came over for lunch with Jackson, we watched more videos and just chilled out. The whole weekend has seemed totally unlike my experience of Kenya so far. Perhaps that is the function of parties.

Now I’m back to work. My Cisco class has about 7 ladies in it as the others have been sent home to bring their school fees. Most of them are sitting on-line exams as I write this. And life continues.

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