Little Consolation

At the end of this morning’s Cisco class, while I was packing the cables back into their boxes, Consolata, a student from another class, was examining the wires I had packed away. I smiled at her.
“We are curious”, she said…

“Good!”, I said.
She indicated the pale blue console cables neatly folded and stuffed into plastic bags. “What cables are those?”.
“You have used them in your Cisco class”, I said, and then indicating a network diagram I’d drawn on the whiteboard, “to connect a PC to a Router like this.”
“Ah, consolke cables!”, she exclaimed, “I was going to say that”.
“Why didn’t you?”
“I was afraid.”
“What were you afraid of?”
“…afraid that it was wrong”
This sort of confirms my theory about what’s going on here. This wasn’t even a class, it was during break and the lady was speaking in a clear voice which seems to be banned during classes, the mumbled whisper being the preferred method of miscommunication. And yet she daren’t give her answer for fear that it be the wrong one.
How can I help Consolata not to be afraid of being wrong? To be proud of her own ideas, be they ingenious or whacky. Or just plain daft.

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