In the UK if I found a beetle in my porridge oats I might toss them out and buy some more. Here the story has to be different.

I bought “Jumbo Oats” from the Tusker Mattress supermarket in Nairobi. They were the cheapest and then had 12% extra free! What the packet didn’t explain is that the 25% might be made up of beetles. Perhaps not a full quarter of the mass of the packet, but enough. When I pull the bag out of the box I can see them crawling between the oat flakes. This morning I put some in the pan and boiled them… and started the usual process of picking the beetles out as I stirred the porridge. Then I shook some onto a tray and left it open. The beetles came up to look at the light. I’ve left the tray in the middle of a washing up basin of water in the hope they’ll try and walk to pastures new and maybe drown, or perhaps get stuck in the surface tension of the water, on the way. Wishful thinking.

They do sell Weetabix here but I’ve always regarded it as expensive. I might be about to reevaluate this. And the worst thing is that the Jumbo Oats make, despite (or perhaps because of) the beetles, the creamiest lovely porridge I’ve had since I arrived. 😛

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