Looking at the links in my calendar to the right, I see that I’ve been quiet this week.

It’s because of exams. They’re keeping us very busy.

Last term I thought I’d seen the most greivous monstrocity that the university could commit: we had an exam where one question had only 15 marks instead of the prescribed 20. Yesterday I supervised one where they had failed to photocopy the last page of the exam and so all of question 5 was entirely missing. :rolleyes:

And when this is done, we’re moving straight into another two weeks of intensive Cisco training. Wish me luck!


I looked through some old photos and found this one. I know I wanted to put it up here and I can’t remember if I did it already or not, so here it is and if you recognise it, too bad.
img_0950 (223k image)
This is Josh roasting Kuku at a VSO party last year. I just love the photo: the blue smoke and orange coals, the man himself so hot he had to strip to his vest (singlet or whatever the hell americans call them: tanktops or something) but not so hot that he could remove his winter hat!

Go Josh!


Trawling through a DVD of videos from Prof. Mungbean — Excelent stuff: Charlie Chaplin, Jan Svankmejer, The Trapdoor, etc. — I happen upon something I didn’re realise I had: Revolution OS (A documentary about the history and success of the Linux operating system.)

Two things arise from this discovery (but not necessarily in this order):…
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Poker attack

OK It seems I’m being abused by someone who wants to use this web site to advertise some sort of on line gambling. I have had a look and according to my software each of those bogus comments was posted from a different IP address so I can’t just add their host to the list of banned hosts that Greymatter software uses. So Im basically looking for suggestions from you guys about how to make it a bit more tricky for a brainless casino robot to post comments without discouraging bona fide commenters from leaving their thoughts.

Please leave your suggestions as comments on this entry, (unless you are selling on-line gambling 😛 )