39 (and throttled)

As from this weekend, I find myself nuzzeling up to 40 like a cat rubbing its cheek against your leg: it’s a false affection but you might as well enjoy it anyway ‘cuz it’s all you’re gonna to get.

At the weekend there was a VSO committee meeting for the volunteers in the Eastern Region of Kenya. We headed out to a town called Mwingi for the meeting and a party. Shiela, a volunteer who was stationed in Mwingi, is leaving this week so it was her leaving party on Saturday night, but as from Midnight it was my birthday party too! There was great nosh, provided by Sheila, and good dancing too despite a few tehcnical problems with speakers and the fact that we only had a random handful of CDs (including Sheila’s Cheese Party collection!) apparently I did a pole dance … lets see if anyone sends me any pictures from that.:O

Then on Sunday afternoon we came back to Nairobi and a bunch of the survivors went to see Ray which was totally fantastic; if anyone feels like bunging a copy of the soundtrack album or other re-released-to-coincide-with-the-movie compilations of his work, that’d be very much appreciated!

– o O o –

In other news: I’ve just hacked the comments script for this site to provide a modicum of protection from the comment spam I’ve started getting. It’s called **Comment Throttling** and it should work like this: when you post a comment, which must not have more than two links in it, Bitterjug.com will start a timer. If you try and post another comment within half a minute it will stop you **and** it doubles the timer to a minute for your next comment. If you comment again after 30s it should let you (and double the time to a minute for the next comment). If you comment again the next day, it should start again from half a minute. The recent comment list should continue to work as before.

Let me know how you get on with it so that we can locate any teething problems or wadudu and sort them out as soon as possible.

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